Garden Theme Preschool Box

M is for Monster

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Our Garden Week box will entertain your child while letting them explore, discover, imagine, create, and learn while engaging their senses through touch. This box and activities can be used again and again!


Optional book add on: We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow

  • Play Dirt with Shovels
  • Toob Flower figurines 
  • Flower Pots
  • 3 Cardboards Tubes
  • Brown Felt
  • Paper Carrots
  • Circle sticker pack
  • Paper Flower Kit
  1. Play Dirt Sensory Bin- Get to digging and planting flowers with our garden theme sensory bin! Put the Play dirt in a bucket and add the flowers. Use the garden tools and pots to plant the flowers.
  2. Carrots in the Garden- Glue the felt around the tubes and cut off the extra. Glue the ends (ONLY THE ENDS) of the tubes together. You want to be able to stick the carrots in between the “rows” of dirt. Cut out the carrots and write letters or numbers on the bottom of them. Stick them in the rows of your garden. Have your child pick a carrot from the garden and tell you the number or letter on it. *Hot glue works best for this project*
  3. Petals on the Flowers- Write a number on the center of the flower. Have your child place that many petals (circle stickers) on to the flower.
  4. Flower Labeling- Use the colored version to put the flower together. Place the cards beside the flower parts to label it correctly. Use the white paper version to color and decorate your own flower in a pot.
  • You will need hot glue or a strong adhesive glue for activity #2*