Ice Cream Theme Preschool Box

M is for Monster

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Our Ice Cream Week box will entertain your child while letting them explore, discover, imagine, create, and learn while engaging their senses through touch. This box and activities can be used again and again!


Option book add on: Is it Warm Enough for Ice Cream? by DK

  • Ice Cream Play Dough Set
  • Pom Poms 
  • Cone Cards
  • 1lb Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Ice Cream Cards
  • Cups and Spoons

  1. Ice Cream Play Dough Set- Create ice cream for the whole family using this fun play dough set!
  2. Cut out the ice cream cone shapes and write a number on the cone. Add that many scoops of ice cream using the pom poms.
  3. Sprinkle Sensory Bin- Pour the sprinkles in to a bucket. Cut out the cards and place beside the bin. Write letters or numbers on the cards. Use the cards to recreate letters or numbers in the sensory bin.