Space Theme Preschool Box

M is for Monster

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Our Space Week box will entertain your child while letting them explore, discover, imagine, create, and learn while engaging their senses through touch. This box and activities can be used again and again!


Option book add on: Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney

  • Plastic Star Cookie Cutter
  • Sargent Art 6 pot Washable Paint 
  • Black Construction paper
  • Star Shape Lick a Stick Stickers
  • Dippity Dye Star Shape Paper
  • Dippity Dye 8 pack
  • 4 count sidewalk chalk pack
  1. Star Stamping- Pour the yellow paint on to a flat surface such as a plate. Take the star and dip it into the yellow paint. Stamp it onto the black paper to make a night sky.
  2. Stars in Space- Use the star lick a sticks to cover the letters in space! Write a letter on each white circle. Cut out the cards and write the same letters on the cards. Pick one card at a time and find the same letter on the night sky and cover with a lickable star sticker.
  3. Follow the directions on the Dippity Dye packet to make washable tie dye colors. Use the stars and watch the colors blend and create a fun pattern.
  4. Sidewalk Chalk Shadow Tracing- Go outside and find your shadow! Take turns tracing each other’s shadows as you talk about the sun and why it creates shadows. You can also use toys and trace their shadows too!