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M is for Monster

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  • GUARANTEED BOX- We only curate a handful of boxes each month-when we're out, we're out! Get your guaranteed box each month!
  • FREE DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP- Get your hands on even more fun themed activities that you print right from home-free! SAVE $7.95 each month
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M is for Monster creates fun, hands on activities for you to do at home with your preschooler! Our activities focus on color recognition, number recognition, letter recognition, fine motor skills and so much more!


Choose to have one of our fun themes delivered to you automatically each month or purchase as you go. Check out the box that is shipping now by scrolling through the photos.

Each month you’ll get 1 themed box delivered to you automatically until you cancel {although we’re sure you’ll want to stick around month after month!}

Want to know what the monthly box theme is? See the list below!

July- Ocean 

August- Sharks

September- Apples

October- Pumpkins

November- Turkeys


January- Winter

February- Hearts

March- Rainbow

April- Insects

May- Flowers

June- Garden

You will be billed on the first of each month your subscription is active. Example: If you sign up on the 15th of October, you will be billed on October 15th and then again on November 1st. Then on the first of each month following. There is a 5 day buffer so if you sign up on the 26th of October, you will be billed on October 26th and then your next payment would be on December 1st.